About Us

A warm welcome to Calfit

How Calfit came up

Calfit is a perfect match of a certified nutritionist and an aspiring chef with a passion for food, here to turn boring, tasteless, and stale common meal prep plans to tasty, delicious, and mouthwatering delicacies from the world. Calfit distinct itself from boring foods that might be healthy but let's be honest, we eat with our eyes before we eat from our mouth, so if it doesn’t look nice, why eat it. We are your foodie friends that bring an amazing twist to common food while keeping a high nutritional value but also having fun with the food from all around the world. We call our Calfit which means calories that are fit. We cater to all kinds of people including vegan, meat lovers, we also customize food according to your needs. Our healthy foods are made with fresh seasonal ingredients without compromising on taste & quality.

With the increase of demand for ‘Healthy eating,’ there aren’t many options for healthy eating available in Hong Kong, but Calfit is a one-stop solution that provides organic, healthy, and fresh foods. We also provide prepped meals which are delivered directly to your doorstep

Our main motto is to keep Hong Kong (852) fit by providing healthy meals in the busy running days of Hong Kong.

About Nutritionist Kiran Sukhani

A mother of two, a fitness freak, and a firm believer in the fact that nothing worth having ever comes easy – whether it’s a crown or a perfectly healthy body. I work for it rather than just wishing for it.

My sports background and urge to always looking fit and young pushed me towards a healthy lifestyle. Workouts give me a rush of Adrenaline.I practice yoga and follow a well-planned fitness regime. Therefore, I become a role model for many people living in and outside of our community.

My continuous dedication to health and fitness had manifested into an interest in studying nutrition. With clean and healthy eating habits I am motivated and energized for new challenges.

I started studying food in various ways which lead me to get various certifications. As a result, I graduated in ‘Human Nutrition’ and ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’ from Harvard University and Oxford College London respectively. Additionally, I am also certified with various diplomas in Nutrition in Hong Kong. I am certified in human physiology, clinical nutrition, and children’s nutrition. I understood the importance of food and its role in diseases and the development of Children.

Oxford University certified me to know more about western foods and their benefits to our bodies. At the same time, Harvard University from the USA made me more confident about myths and facts related with nutrition and human body.

Having good Knowledge of western foods and our traditional Ayurveda, I come up with many exciting tastes and healthy foods. Food is not only consumed to get energy and nutrients, but it is a way to feel happy and satisfied.

In my pursuit to help professionally, I launched my nutrition company called ‘Nutri-Veda’ as well as a healthy lifestyle program called ‘My Five’

Most of the people are extremely busy with their working life and they start to neglect their health.

In this Fast-food era when health has taken a back seat, I want to bring healthy and tasty food back to everyone’s life.

Little more about Myself

As a nutritionist, I’ve always believed that life is all about keeping a healthy mix of things together. As a Balance diet requires combinations of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals, personal life also required the same.

My Vitamins are my family & friends, absolutely necessary! I am obsessed with adventure, so it is my fun-fat; you know that little slice of cheese that makes things interesting. My work is my protein, and I make sure I do a lot of it! All these things together add up and make life a plate of healthy, filling, yummy food! After all, you need to nourish yourself to flourish yourself.

Over the past few years, I have moved so much closer to become the person I always wanted to become - an entrepreneur, a flagbearer and Philanthropist, a Fashion stylist, and a Runway Model.

With a healthy and fit body and mind and a strong desire to do something different, I was crowned as Mrs. India 2018, Mrs. Universe woman of compassion 2018, and honored with Peace Ambassador of earth.

Apart from my contribution to the fashion world, I am also a philanthropist. I started an initiative in the form of a free health program for young children that provide short informative videos and workshops.

In addition, I have performed and acted in stage plays that help raise funds for the poor and underprivileged.